Monday, July 28, 2014

A Testimony of the Book of Abraham: Susa Young Gates 1913

Said my father Brigham Young to me on a certain occasion when I had been storm tossed and longed for the haven of sure belief: “Daughter, there is only one way by which you can find out whether this gospel be true or not; that is the way your mother and I took. Go down upon your knees and ask your Father in heaven to reveal it to you, as he did to Peter.”

Upon that rock–the rock of revelation to my own heart, I have builded my testimonies, many and various, of the truths of the gospel. The whole is true; so must all of its parts harmonize. I may not be able always to discern the co-relation, but again father said: “Put things you do not understand on the shelf, until you obtain more light.” And that is just what our children should be taught to do.

Shall we not then investigate, prove all things, hold fast to that which is good?  Of a surety. But let us anchor our souls, and help our children so to fasten their on anchor chains to the rock of personal revelation. Then we may bring in all the cohorts of reason to strengthen our position and to secure our arsenal . . . .

I know by the spirit of revelation that the Book of Abraham is true, and that its contents, from cover to cover, are revelations. As to the accepted revelations of the Church, I know they are true, and no power, but my own failure, can take that knowledge from me.

[Susa Young Gates, “Phase of discussion as to Book of Abraham,” Deseret Evening News, April 1, 1913].

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