Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Future of the Book of Mormon

In 1881, President George Q. Cannon of the First Presidency made the following remarks.

Today there is probably no greater stumbling block in the way of the people regarding this Latter-day work than this record. Everything has been done that could be done to blind the eyes and darken the understanding of the children of men concerning the Book of Mormon. Every conceivable falsehood, almost, has been put into circulation concerning the origin of that work, and the inhabitants of the earth have been led to believe that it is one of the greatest impostures that was ever palmed upon mankind. And the name "Mormon" has been applied in consequence of this, in derision to us because of our belief in that work. . . .

Beliefs change and misrepresentation and falsehood fade away as time passes on and truth is received and accepted; and the day will yet come--and it is not far distant . . . when this Book of Mormon and all connected with it will be received and accepted, that is, all the truth, as the truth of the living God, for the reason that it is true, and that God himself is its author. For that reason, and for that reason alone, the time will come--and as I have said, it is not far distant, though it may seem very presumptuous to make such a statement--when this record will be accepted, as the Bible is now accepted, as a book of divine origin, and that it has been revealed through the ministrations and agency of holy angels.

[From George Q. Cannon, 18 September, 1881, in Journal of Discourses 22:252).

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