Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bad Readings of the Book of Mormon

Can you tell what is wrong with the following statements?

Nephi knew all about steam-boats and the compass 2400 years ago.

               Alexander Campbell, "Delusions," Millennial Harbinger, 7                                February, 1831: 83.

I had read the Book of Mormon enough to find in the terms "gunpowder, mariner's compass," and several others introduced into a silly story . . . . There are also references to pistols and other fire arms.

               Christian Watchman, 5 May, 1837.

These Jews [Lehi and his family] are supposed to have emigrated from Jerusalem . . . . A mysterious wheel rolls before them to guide them, and an equally mysterious instrument directs them on the sea.

              W. Sparrow Simpson, Mormonism: Its History, Doctrines and                       Practices. London: 1853,

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