Thursday, May 30, 2019

Has the Location of the Hill Cumorah Been Revealed?

Some have recently claimed that the location of the Hill Cumorah has been identified by revelation and that the New York Hill, called by that name today is the same hill at which the Nephites and Jaredites of the Book of Mormon were destroyed. Other Latter-day Saints who have examined the historical evidence have concluded that name of the New York Hill is likely based upon old tradition rather than a revelation of the geographical location of Mormon's Cumorah. Do those who hold the latter view reject the Prophets?

In recent decades Church leaders and historians have expressed caution concerning the location of the ancient hill. See for example, a recent statement from the official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by two Church historians "Saints and Book of Mormon Geography."

Recently, the Church has also issued another statement affirming that the Church does not have an official position on the location of events in the Book of Mormon beyond affirming that they took place somewhere in the Americas. The Church welcomes humble and careful study of the subject, but cautions the Saints not to represent their personal interpretations as those of the Church.

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Here is the latest from the Pan on this question

"Has the Location of the Hill Cumorah Really Been Revealed?"

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