Monday, September 26, 2022

Resurrection Teachings: Introduction

One of the clearest and most plain parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the doctrine that Jesus Christ not only suffered and died for us, but that he was resurrected from the dead with a glorious and perfect body of flesh and bone. He appeared to friends and disciples who recognized him as the same Jesus who they had known before his death, touched his body, and knew for a certainty who he was. Associated with this is the additional truth that through the power of his resurrection and redemption, all who have lived and died and will yet live and die in mortality will be raised with a perfected body from the grave as Jesus was and judged according to our deeds.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have always declared that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World and our Redeemer from death and that through the changes of mortality, death, and resurrection, our very identities are preserved and redeemed. It may, therefore seem, strange, that from time to time, through misunderstanding or deliberate attempts to deceive, there have been some who dismiss, oppose, or seek to distort this doctrine. Examples of such efforts can be found in ancient and modern history, including the history of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ from Joseph Smith’s day to the present one. While none of these modern examples have ever been numerous among the Saints, it may be helpful to provide a summary of some of these examples with corrective teachings of latter-day Apostles and prophets warning the Saints against these erroneous teachings and affirming the true nature of the resurrection.

This introduction begins a series of blog post which will survey this issue. They will first review the nature of the resurrection, as taught in ancient Scripture, early Christianity, as well as Latter-day Scripture. Next, they survey examples of false teachings from the history of the Church during the nineteenth century. Finally, they note contemporary examples. It is hoped that this series will help the reader, especially Latter-day Saints, to avoid confusion and be strengthened in their faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and then hope of our own resurrection.

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