Monday, August 19, 2013

“It’s Still Not Too Late”: The Book of Mormon Awaits!

[From Hugh Nibley to La Mar Peterson, 17 July, 1961. Courtesy of Boyd Peterson].

Dear La Mar,

That name rings bells – my earliest childhood memory, listening to La Mar play his Andantino; he died in wretched poverty – was he a great organist? Anyway it’s lucky your wrote me when you did. It is still not too late; the Lord has extended the day of our probation: you would be insane to waste this priceless reprieve & you could still be one of the few really happy men on the earth, but you’ll have to stop being a damned fool. I could find as many faults as you do without ½ trying, but a committee of characters like us couldn’t produce the B. of Mormon in 140 years. Why do you worry so much about what other people think? They don’t know anything about it. Ask the Lord for a change!

Yours Truly
H. Nibley

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