Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mormonism: Not Dead Yet

From Dan Jones, A Review of the Last Lecture of the Rev. E. Roberts, (A Baptist Minister in Rhymni, Against Mormonism(1847)

Now, certainly, we have a right to prophesy a bit about Mormonism, since every contemptible editor, every contemptible preacher, every contemptible shopper, and every contemptible persecutor have tried their hand at it; and here it is: we prophesy the the `Elegies’ written for her, and the `funeral sermons’ prepared for her, are all in vain, and that there will never be a need for them; and time will show still more clearly that, just as surely as she is full of the `strength of eternal life,’ all those who foretell the ruin and death of Mormonism are false prophets. There will be a call for funeral sermons for Mr. Davies from Dowlais, Roberts from Rhymni, Dafydd Lewis, and the Editor of the Star of Gomer, together with all her persecutors, before she dies; yes, even before she shows one sign of illness! Then we shall see who the false prophets really are; by their fruits ye shall know them. This is our prophecy!

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